Case Study - Disrupting the property search experience

SearchForAProperty is an innovative startup currently in beta building a platform utilising cutting-edge AI to provide a seamless and ever-updating stream of properties tailored to their needs.

Web/App development, CMS, API integration, AI development


Case Study: SearchForAProperty - Revolutionising Property Search with AI and Seamless UX

At SkillfulGorilla, our objective is to work in collaboration with clients who are as committed to innovation and quality as we are. One such client is SearchForAProperty, an avant-garde startup that is quietly revolutionising the property search experience. Although they are in stealth mode currently, they've graciously allowed us to share insights into how we've collaborated to build a platform designed to change the way people look for properties.

Technological Cohesion: A Symphony of Frontend, Backend, and AI

The platform is a conglomerate of robust technologies that work in seamless harmony to create an unparalleled user experience.

Frontend: Next.js

Next.js enables a lightning-fast, SEO-friendly frontend. Its dynamic capabilities allow SearchForAProperty to render listings on-the-fly while maintaining a buttery-smooth user interface. Our team at SkillfulGorilla was responsible for ensuring that the platform's UI/UX met the startup's innovative vision.

Backend: Rails

Ruby on Rails serves as the backbone, providing scalability and security. With its rapid development capabilities, Rails allowed us to iterate through various prototypes quickly, saving time while not compromising on quality.

Custom CMS and API Integration

To manage data more effectively, we implemented a custom CMS that integrates multiple APIs, including real estate databases and AI analytics engines. This ensures that the listings presented are always up-to-date and tailored to each user’s specific needs.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the cornerstone of SearchForAProperty's innovative approach. It uses machine learning algorithms to continuously refine search results, ensuring users are presented with listings that are increasingly aligned with their preferences and financial capacity.

SEO and Infrastructure

In a digital world where being found is half the battle, we've made sure that the platform is SEO-optimised to attract the right kind of attention.

Navigating the Stealth Mode

Being in stealth mode is an exciting but challenging phase for any startup. It requires strategic planning, deliberate execution, and of course, utmost confidentiality. SkillfulGorilla has been an integral partner in helping SearchForAProperty maintain this delicate balance, crafting technology solutions that are not just robust and scalable, but also discreet.

In a world that’s crowded with real estate platforms, SearchForAProperty aims to stand apart, offering a user experience that’s as intelligent as it is intuitive. And at SkillfulGorilla, we couldn't be prouder to help them bring this vision to life.

"Innovate. Build. Ship." It's not just our mantra; it's what we deliver.

What we did

  • Frontend (Next.js)
  • Backend (Rails)
  • Custom CMS
  • API Integration
  • AI
  • SEO
  • Infrastructure

Working with SkillfulGorilla has been nothing short of transformative. Their ability to understand and align with our vision has been remarkable. We are particularly impressed with their expertise in tying together disparate technologies into a unified, user-focused solution. Their contributions have been invaluable as we navigate the complexities of building a platform in stealth mode. This is just the beginning, and we look forward to a sustained, fruitful partnership.

Emily Johnson
CEO of SearchForAProperty
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