Case Study - Elevating PlayHuman's Technological Foundation

PlayHuman is a forward-thinking startup in its formative phase, developing a platform that leverages the latest in technology and user experience design. With a focus on robust integrations, scalability, and security.

PlayHuman Network
Tech Consultancy, Scalable Architecture, User Experience Design


When you're a startup like PlayHuman, finding the right technology partner isn't just about getting a product to market. It's about building a foundation that can sustain your vision for the long term, foster growth, and instill confidence in your stakeholders. That's where SkillfulGorilla stepped in to offer tailored software consultancy services that align with PlayHuman's immediate and future needs.

The Challenge

PlayHuman was faced with numerous challenges common to startups but critical to its unique niche. They needed an in-depth understanding of the latest technology trends, best practices for user journeys, robust integrations, and a system that could scale effortlessly. Security, of course, was non-negotiable. In addition, they sought a partnership that would not only deliver technical expertise but also harmonise with their company culture.

The SkillfulGorilla Approach

From the outset, we at SkillfulGorilla aimed to provide PlayHuman with more than just code; we aimed to give them a roadmap. The early phase of development is crucial; it sets the tone for everything that follows. With this in mind, our consultancy service for PlayHuman included:

Actions We Undertook

  • Conducted a thorough analysis of the current technological landscape relevant to PlayHuman's business.
  • Drafted a comprehensive user journey map to optimise customer experience.
  • Implemented secure, state-of-the-art integrations that complemented PlayHuman's existing systems.
  • Created a scalable architecture designed to handle heavy loads and future expansion.
  • Fostered an open and collaborative working environment that aligned with PlayHuman's own corporate culture.

A Partnership Built on Trust and Expertise

Matt, the CEO of PlayHuman, offered a testament to this collaborative journey. In his words, SkillfulGorilla has been a revelation for PlayHuman. He praises our "unmatched depth of technical knowledge," and our keen understanding of "the very latest innovations, user journeys, integrations, security aspects, and scalable heavy-load business systems." Matt attributes much of their newfound confidence in their technological direction to SkillfulGorilla's involvement. Moreover, he values the openness and the collaborative style that characterise our partnership.

Looking Ahead

It's one thing to provide a service; it's another to become an "ideal and priceless colleague," as Matt puts it. That's what we at SkillfulGorilla strive for: to go beyond the scope of mere consultancy and offer partnerships that foster growth, instill confidence, and bring visions to life. And as PlayHuman gears up for their next phase, we're excited to continue providing the innovative, well-crafted solutions that they've come to expect from SkillfulGorilla.

"Innovate. Build. Ship." That's not just our mantra; it's our commitment to companies like PlayHuman. And it's a commitment we take very seriously.

What we did

  • Analysis
  • Technical Landscape
  • User Journey Maps
  • Architecture

SkillfulGorilla has been a revelation with Playhuman. Their unmatched depth of technical knowledge and finger on the pulse understanding of the very latest innovations user journeys, integrations, security aspects and scalable heavy-load business systems is simply incredible and has put our technology on a sure path to robustness and scale, with confidence.

Matt Scott
CEO of PlayHuman Network

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