Our process - How we work

Our approach to work is defined by seamless collaboration, innovative solutions, and relentless dedication to our clients' success. By uniting expertise and leveraging technology, we ensure exceptional outcomes and exceed expectations at every turn.


At our core, we prioritise close collaboration with our clients, immersing ourselves in your daily operations to truly grasp your needs and aspirations. Understanding what drives your business is essential to tailoring effective solutions.

At our core, we adopt a diligent and collaborative approach in working closely with our clients. Understanding your unique processes and needs is our top priority as we tackle challenges from a technological standpoint. This involves delving deep into your operations, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of your requirements. In some cases, our solutions may necessitate process improvements and updates to existing infrastructure, guaranteeing that we deliver effective and transformative results tailored to your specific business goals.

Once our thorough audit is complete, we present our clients with a comprehensive plan backed by actionable insights and a well-defined budget.

Included in this phase (in no particular order)

  • Feasibility studies
  • Technology Scanning
  • Data Analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Proofs-of-concept


Based off of the discovery phase, we develop a comprehensive roadmap for each product and start working towards delivery.

During the "Buildquot; phase, the developed software is continually released to a test environment or staging environment for final evaluation and user acceptance testing. This allows stakeholders to thoroughly review the product, ensuring it meets their requirements and expectations.

SkillfulGorilla were so regular with their progress updates we almost began to think they were automated!

Karen Porter, Music Shack

Included in this phase

  • Testing. Testing is crucial to our development process. This helps us ensure the reliability, functionality, and quality of the developed solution, minimising errors and potential issues before deployment.
  • Continious Deployment. We provide continuous deployment services, which is vital in the build phase of any technical project as it allows for rapid and frequent updates, enabling teams to iterate quickly, gather user feedback, and deliver value to you faster than traditional software development methods.
  • Feedback/Response. Feedback is indispensable in a technical project as it provides valuable insights, enabling teams to identify areas for improvement and refine the solution during the build phase. Moreover, this iterative feedback loop extends to the innovation phase, fostering continuous innovation by incorporating user suggestions and market demands into future iterations of the project


At SkillfulGorilla, the "Ship" phase of our process embodies continuous progress and dedication to client satisfaction. While we continually ship our software during development, it doesn't reach production until we receive your full approval. We believe in delivering a product that aligns perfectly with your vision and requirements, ensuring your utmost happiness with the end result.

Our commitment to excellence doesn't end with product deployment. Once we ship your solution, our unwavering support continues. We stand by our clients, offering comprehensive support and monitoring the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant to your product's success. This data-driven approach allows us to proactively address any potential maintenance needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

The "Ship" phase serves as an invaluable source of analytics for us. By gathering data from the deployed product, we gain crucial insights to be proactive in addressing any issues that may arise. Moreover, this faster feedback loop enables us to refine and iterate on future versions of your product(s), continually enhancing their functionality and performance based on user feedback and evolving market demands.

At SkillfulGorilla, our partnership extends far beyond shipping a solution – we&pos;re in it for the long haul to help you thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Included in this phase

  • Post-Deplyment Support. After the production deployment, the project team continues to provide ongoing support to address any issues that may arise. Additionally, we closely monitor the system's performance and user behavior, gathering valuable data for future enhancements and iterations.
  • Reporting. Deployment reports provide detailed documentation and insights about the successful implementation of a software solution, highlighting key milestones, challenges overcome, and performance metrics during the deployment process. To ensure reliability we only use the best Digital Ocean droplets that

Our values - Innovation and Reliability in Balance

We uphold the essence of 'Innovation and Reliability in Balance.' This guiding principle drives our work process, harmonising cutting-edge creativity with steadfast dependability. It ensures we deliver forward-thinking solutions without compromising on the quality and consistency that our clients trust us to provide.

  • Meticulous. We uphold our commitment to 'Innovation and Reliability in Balance,' by meticulously refining our processes to ensure every aspect of our work meets the highest standards.
  • Efficient. Efficiency is the cornerstone of our approach where we optimise workflows, leverage cutting-edge tools, and harness our expertise to swiftly deliver exceptional results without compromising on quality, ensuring success is achieved with the utmost efficiency.
  • Adaptable. Embracing adaptability we stay agile, readily adjusting strategies to navigate evolving challenges and industry landscapes.
  • Honest. Transparency and integrity are paramount in our approach, fostering an honest and trustworthy environment for our team and stakeholders.
  • Loyal. Devoted to our mission, we cultivate a sense of loyalty within our team, fostering a supportive and united culture that fuels our collective success.
  • Innovative. Our commitment to innovation fuels a dynamic environment, encouraging bold ideas and groundbreaking solutions that drive us towards continuous growth.

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