Busy Times: New Clients, In-house Projects, and Speaking Engagements

by Octavia, Head of Marketing

A Bustling Season at SkillfulGorilla: New Clients, In-house Projects, Speaking Engagements and More


The pace has been exhilarating at SkillfulGorilla, and we couldn't be more excited. In keeping with our mantra "Innovate. Build. Ship." we’ve been channeling our energies into several impactful initiatives. From onboarding a fantastic new client to making strides in our internal app and gearing up for some noteworthy speaking engagements, there’s a lot to share.

Welcoming Emphasis Training to Our Client Roster

We're thrilled to announce that we’ve recently onboarded Emphasis Training as a new client. Specialists in communications and business-writing training, Emphasis Training is based out of Brighton and aligns perfectly with our ethos of innovation and quality. We are eager to contribute to their journey with our suite of software consultancy services.

Progress on ToolTroop: Our Internal App

In addition to serving our expanding client base, we’ve been diligently contributing to our own internal app, ToolTroop. Designed to enhance the experience of our clients, ToolTroop encapsulates everything we stand for—innovative solutions that are built with care and shipped with precision.

Speaking Engagements: NIDC and PyCon Ireland 2023

This year, we’re taking the stage at two prominent conferences, amplifying our reach and sharing our expertise.

Northern Ireland Developers Conference (NIDC)

We'll be speaking at the NIDC on "From Family Room to Broadcasting Room: Building a Personalised Family TV Channel." This talk will explore the concept, requirements, design, and technical aspects of creating a private, customisable TV channel.

PyCon Ireland

In November, we will present a talk at PyCon Ireland titled, "Leveraging AWS SageMaker for Scalable AI Deployment with Python: A Real-World Journey." This talk will delve into how Python, a leading programming language in the AI field, can interact seamlessly with AWS SageMaker to scale AI deployments.

It’s all very interesting stuff—if you’re into tech, which we proudly are.

Joining the SoftwareAlliance of Northern Ireland

In another exciting development, we're honored to announce that SkillfulGorilla has joined the SoftwareAlliance of Northern Ireland. This prestigious group serves as the voice of the software industry in the region, with a mission statement that deeply resonates with us. Aligning with organisations that share our passion for fostering innovation and economic prosperity feels like the right step forward, and we look forward to contributing to this collective effort.

Interesting Times Ahead

It's safe to say we are living the mantra of "Innovate. Build. Ship." every single day. We are loving being this busy and wouldn't have it any other way. And here’s the kicker—we are only getting started!

Stay tuned for more updates. We have an exciting road ahead, and we can't wait to share our journey with you.

"Innovate. Build. Ship."

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