13 April 2015

An internal showcase app for tv listings that we are currently developing.

A tv listings project has been a hobby project for one of us for a few years now. The advent of new technologies such as VOD and Internet TV has made a simple 'listings' site/app redundant. Similarly a simple emulation of the 'Sky Planner' isn't that technically challenging or even interesting.

We are building an app that will allow you to answer the following questions:

"Can I see any episodes that are going to air in the next two weeks of the X-Files that are related to the 'arc'?"

"Can I see any films that star Martin Sheen that were made between 1975-1982 and any guest star appearances in any TV show ever? And if not can I see this information anyway."

We are only starting this project so will provide more information as we continute to develop it.

Tags: web // django // api // mongodb // internal // angular